Best Retirement Gifts ideas

When it comes to the retirement present, it is probably a bit different from our usual giving scenario.

Gift giving is something that comes naturally to us, and we probably do not think that much about the more profound implications of the gift we deliver.

However, the gift we choose and how we present it does say quite a lot about the relationship we have with the other person.

The art of gift giving has been around for 100’s of years in various forms, but it is only really in the last 100 years or so that the ‘retirement gift’ has come to the fore.

If you think about it, retirement is a momentous occasion both for the person involved and the work colleagues around them.

It is a significant milestone in someone’s life as they head off into their twilight years.

In all honesty, it is not always a requirement to give a present for a retirement party.

However, it is always good manners to do so.

Experts in the field suggest that to celebrate a long career, it is better to give a gift rather than money.

The types of ideas might range from something connected to one of their hobbies or pastimes or any future plans they may have.

Perhaps one of the first questions is how much should be spent on a retirement gift.

As a general rule, if the retiree concerned was a close colleague and friend, then any amount ranging from $50-100.

For other contributors, you would look for around $20 – 25.

Specific Retirement Gifts

Let’s begin by looking at specific industries and the types of retirement gifts that might be appropriate.

Then we will move on looking at retirement gifts in general.

Retirement Gifts For Doctors


When it is time for your doctor to hang up their white coat, what retirement gifts might be appropriate to give as a patient and a work colleague?

Depending on their tenure, a doctors retirement can be quite momentous.

A community doctor might have become part of the fabric of the town and be well known by many residents.

Giving a retirement gift will bring acknowledgment of the hard work and service that they have provided.

Depending on your relationship with the doctor will also depend on the type of gift offered.

Humorous Gifts

Some funny gifts might include items such as:

Personalized key rings

Fridge magnet reading ‘Old doctors never die, they just lose their patients’

Antique doctors equipment – take a hunt around your local antique shop.

Female Doctor

Gifts more suitable for a female doctor might include:

Books – such as “Fabulous Female Physicians’ which gives a potted history of the great female doctors of our time.

A makeup brand that supports a charity, particularly a health charity that might support cancer, heart disease or breast cancer.

Or a donation to the charity of the doctors choice.

Retirement Gifts For Firefighters

If you search online, there are many companies that will offer a specific line in gifts for retiring firefighters.

When considering a firefighter gift bear in mind the type of job these guys do and maybe go down the personalized route.

Some popular choices are:

Whiskey decanter gift set that has been engraved.

A piece of wall decor that has been personalized.

A Smith & Wesson firefighters watch.

The other places to look for firefighter gifts would be on sites like Etsy and Amazon.

Retirement Gifts For The Military

Most military gifts are available for the five arms of the military which are, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine , and the Coast Guard.

Choosing a gift for military personnel can be tricky, particularly for long serving personnel.

You need to be aware of the rank of the person concerned, the regiment they are in and if they are in any particular unit.

Also be respectful of the actual time served as recognition of the years of service for a military retiree is an essential part of any ceremony.

There will probably be a formal ceremony or official retirement ceremony.

It is probably better to give your personal retirement gift outside this time.

Items suitable might be watches, pens, medallions or framed artwork.

Retirement Gifts For Dad

Your dad might be a precious person in your life and has put in a lot of hard work over the years.

His retirement might be quite emotional for him, and as his child, any present from you is going to have added potency.

Don’t forget you have given him numerous gifts over the years for birthdays and Christmas, but retirement is a one-off.

To choose a gift for your fathers’ retirement you might want to think about his hobbies or future travels.

One of the best gifts you can give him is something that will symbolize his new life and help him make that transition.

Some ideas might be;

Air travel tickets – you can collude with your mom on places your dad might enjoy traveling too – don’t forget he has no excuse now.

The other alternative where flights are concerned is to give him some air miles then he can choose himself where he might like to go.

Book a family trip – if you and your siblings are all grown up and earning you could club together to organize a trip.

Organizing a family trip where you are all, there might be an excellent present for your dad.

It doesn’t have to break the bank to achieve it, just having you all together will make him very happy.

Future hobbies – you could get him a gift aimed at a next hobby.

Maybe he has always talked about taking up fishing or cycling but didn’t have the time.

The most popular hobbies for retired men are;







Bird Watching

The ultimate gift for your retiring dad is to give him am an emotional related gift.

Maybe a scrapbook of poignant moments in his life, particularly his working life.

Then, of course, there are the classic ‘dad’ retirement gifts like a well-known watch brand or great pocket watch.

However, perhaps the best retirement gift of all for him would be that you spend more quality time with him.

As people mature in years time spent with family members become more meaningful and fulfilling.


Retirement Gifts For Mom

Most of the things mentioned for retirement gifts for Dad also apply to your mum.

Obviously, the choice of gift might be different, but the sentiments are the same.

One of the rising trends of popular gifts, particularly for retirement presents, are experience gift vouchers.

Having the opportunity to experience something different that they may not have thought about before can be appealing.

If you can pick the right one, then these can be very popular gifts that have a real impact.

The types of gift experiences that might suit a retiree could be:

Experience days like track racing, hot air balloon, or helicopter ride.

Membership to a golf club or driving range or even some golf lessons.

An annual pass to a local attraction or heritage site.

Subscription to a class of some description. These can range from exercise class to art or literary classes.

Finally, a magazine or newspaper subscription is also a nice present to give if you know the interests of the person.


Retirement Gift For Someone Who Has Everything

Let’s finish off with a bit of fun and look at retirement gifts for those that have everything.

What are some of the more obscure presents out there?

We all know someone who seems to have everything so what gift would have some meaning for them?

Gift Cards

You might consider a gift card as it leaves the choice with them.

Experience Gifts

He may not have a helicopter so a ride in one is something unusual, or hot air balloon or driving around a race car circuit.


Go for a subscription service to something you know they would not think about but would love.

There are literally hundreds of subscription ideas out there that will fit any budget.


This can range from something as simple as a Netflix subscription to a physical club or society.

Each time they enter the club they will think of you.

Charity Donation

This type of gifting has increased in popularity over recent times.

There are enough charities out there that are congruent with the believes and feelings of your gift recipient.

Ask yourself what would they most likely donate too and follow that lead.

Final Word

Finding the best retirement gift hopefully has been made easier.

Choosing the right gift may be down to a range of factors to do with the person themselves and your relationship with them.

One thing to take away is that a retirement is a one-off event, a bit different from birthday so give it some thought to get it right.


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